Авторы:  В.А. Баринов – ОАО «ЭНИН», А.С. Маневич – ОАО «ЭНИН», А.С. Мурачёв – ОАО «ЭНИН»
Authors: V.A. Barinov – JSC “ENIN”, A.S. Manevitch – JSC “ENIN”, A.S. Murachev – JSC “ENIN”


Ключевые слова:  энергосистема; распределенные управляемые сетевые устройства; области применения.
Keywords:  power system; distributed network controlled devices; application areas.

Аннотация: Приведены результаты анализа зарубежных исследований и опыта применения в энергосистемах нового класса распределенных сетевых управляемых устройств − D-FACTS. Рассмотрены возможности применения этого класса устройств в энергосистемах России. Указан класс задач, для которых применение устройств D-FACTS может быть экономически целесообразно.
Abstract: The results of the analysis of foreign studies and experience in the application in power systems a new class of distributed network controlled devices ― D-FACTS are given. The potential of this class of devices applications in power systems of Russia is considered. There are shown a class of areas for which the use of D-FACTS devices maybe more appropriate than the use of other FACTS devices.
Considered 4 types of distributed network controlled devices: Distributed Static Series Compensator (DSSC), Distributed Series Reactor (DSR), Distributed Series Capacitor (DSC), Tower Router (TRU). The main properties of the distributed network controlled devices is the ability to change the parameters of the overhead lines. This allows to reduce the infl uence of hetero geneity of overhead lines parameters of different voltage classes on power fl ow, decrease power contour fl ows and thereby reduce electric power and energy losses, increase network capacity and voltage quality. Given the results of analysis of application of the D-FACTS devices in power systems of Russia, which revealed the presence of potential transmission lines 110-220 kV for the installation of modules D-FACTS.


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