Authors: G.M. Mustafa, LM-Invertor, Jsc, S.I. Gusev, LM-Invertor, JSC

Keywords: passive fi lters; active fi lters; amplitude and phase modulation.

Abstract: The problems of dynamic filtering ofharmonics using passive LC-circuits and pulse-width modulated convertersare considered. It is shown that high-quality resonance fi lters inconditions of dynamically changingnetwork load not only do not improve, but even worsen the situation. Highfrequency PWM transistor voltage converters allow the synthesis of filters that effi ciently absorb network harmonics, even when they are modulated in amplitude and phase.

In recent years, the presence of high harmonics in circuits has become an issue of concern. International (IEC, CIGRE) and Russian companies (GOSSTANDART, PJSC FGC UES, part of PJSC Rosseti Group of Companies, PJSC Rosseti) prepare new regulations on quality and fi ltration. Under such conditions, active fi lters are recommended for designed facilities subject to dynamic loads.

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