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Power transmission efficiency increase using controllable compact overhead lines


Authors: Y.G. Shakarian, L.V. Timashova, S.N. Kareva – JSC “R & D FGC UES ” V.M. Postolati – Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

Keywords: power transmission lines; phase-to-phase approach; regime parameters regulation; OHL capacity; controllable compact overhead lines.

Abstract: Significant transmission line capacity increase appears to be the main advantage of compact controllable OHL. Being equipped with control devices, compact controllable OHL also provide power flux regulation according to power system regime requirements, and environmental effect mitigation due to right-of-way reduction and field strength decrease in external space of the line.


Testing-field of “R&D FGC UES” — “Digital Substation”


Authors: Y.I. Morzhin, S.G. Popov, Y.V. Korzhetskiy, M.D. Ilin – JSC “R & D FGC UES ”

Keywords: Electrical substation; IEC 61850; IED terminal; “Digital Substation” technology; Testing field; RTDS.

Abstract: Currently in Russia there is a great diversity of viewpoints and approaches to what is meant by the term “Digital Substation”. To get the successful automation of processes of transfer, conversion and distribution of electricity it is necessary to develop the clear concept of hardware and software of the digital substation.


Modern techniques of climatic loads assessment for the design of overhead transmission lines


Authors: V.A. Lugovoi , L.V. Timashova, S.V. Chereshnyuk – JSC «R & D FGC UES »

Keywords: databases; wind loads during ice storms; ice loads; climatic loads; climate conditions; climatic regions; coefficient of variation; reliability; unfactored loads; factored loads.

Abstract: Wind, ice and combined ice-wind loads must be assessed during design and/or reconstruction of Overhead Transmission Lines (OHL). According to Russian standards, climatic loads must be assessed using climatic regional maps. Such maps are based on huge massive of meteorological observation data. Design climatic loads are calculated depending on desired reliability level of OHL. This article shows Russian approach for design loads assessment.


Modern on-site testing and condition assessment of distribution and transmission power cables using damped AC voltages


Authors: Rogier Jongen, Schweiz Edward Gulski, Schweiz Gregor Cejka – Onsite HV Solutions AG, Schweiz

Keywords: high voltage testing; damped oscillation; damped alternating current; DAC; BAUR; OWTS.

Abstract: Modern on-site testing and diagnosis of transmission power cables up to 230kV consists of voltage testing, partial discharge detection and dissipation factor measurements. Applying AC voltages for this purpose has become in last year a common use. In addition to continuous AC energizing more and more the use of damped AC energizing is getting worldwide attention. In this paper, the use of modem technological solutions in power electronics and signal processing as well as in technical design and productionmethods will be discussed on the basis of damped AC systems up to 350 KV.


Technical diagnostics of power generators


Authors: D.V. Kuznetsov, V.V. Maslov, A.B. Netseevskiy, Ph.A. Poliakov– JSC “R & D FGC UES ”

Keywords: turbine generators; hydrogenerators; operational reliability; ageing of insulation; state diagnostics; test procedures.

Abstract: Provision of reliable operation of the main generating equipment is an important and technically complex problem. It is practically impossible to solve it without obtaining the reliable information on equipment state (condition) and trend analysis of its changes, and therefore, without implementation of stateofthe-art facilities and diagnostic techniques.


Development of wind power industry in Russia


Authors: V.G. Nikolaev, S.V. Ganaga  – “Atmograf” Scientific Research and Information Center

Keywords: wind power engineering; wind power plants; power coefficient; primery cost of electricity; localization of wind turbine’s production.

Abstract: The factors of expediency ofthe wide scale net electrical wind power engineering development in Russia were considered. The resources, energetic and economical ground of accelerated installation of wind power plants (WPP) expediency in Russia with total capacity up to 6–7 and 28–30 GW until 2020 and 2030 respectively are given. The problems and necessary conditions of WPP wide scale introduction and use are reflected.


Simulator-adviser for switching operations in electrical networks


Authors: I. A. Golovinsky, S.K. Ka kovskiy, S.P. Potapenko  – JSC «R & D FGC UES »

Keywords: electrical network; simulator-adviser for switching operations; switching operations planning; switching operations rules; personnel qualification.

Abstract: Clear skill and experience in switching operations by operators and operation managers of the electrical networks are the corner stones of reliable work of the Russian Federation United Energy System. Maintenance of this high-end skill at any level of operative and managerial control over the electrical networks is attained by persistent training with the help of specially designed simulator-adviser.


Requirements to SF6 circuitbreakers in very cold climate


Author: I.L. Shleyfman – JSC “R & D FGC UES ”

Keywords: low temperature; gas pressure; gas mixture; nitrogen; freon; heating devices; test methods.

Abstract: SF6 circuit-breakers are the main type of circuit-breakers for the electrical networks with voltage level of 110 kV and above. Their extensive use is determined by high dielectric and arc extinguishing properties of SF6 gas as circuit-breaker filling medium.


Nonprofit partnership “Scientific and Technical Council of Unified Energy System” (NP “STC UPS ”)


Abstract: The nonprofit partnership “Scientific and Technical Center of Unified Energy System” (hereinafter “Partnership”) is a successor of the Scientific and Technical Council of RAO “UES of Russia”, as it came to existence as a result of the RAO “UES of Russia” restructuring.